Silicon Valley Tour for Technology Lovers

See the places that made technology history by taking a drive and stopping at the following famous Silicon Valley tech attractions while you are here. Discover the TourAbout the Tour Guide

What You Will Get?

silicon valley tesla tour

Our Tesla Tour Vehicle

The one and only Tour Guide with 2020 Tesla Full-Self driving

We can go places most other tours can’t. We can go just about anywhere and get you closer with Tesla. We are the only Silicon Valley based tour company with a Tesla.

I will be your driver and your tour guide. ($199 is a guide service charge, not a ride charge. The ride is free when you get my guide service.)

I will pick you up at our meeting point in Sunnyvale (Heart of Silicon Valley)

Everyday ten to four

Apple Park Visitor Center

Apple Park

Steve Jobs Original Apple Garage

Take a selfie with the Steve Jobs Original Apple Garage.

Apple Park

Google Campus

Walk outside, T-Rex – Infinity Pool etc.

google campus

Shop in the Google Store

Google Shop

Google Plex

Take a selfie with the Google Plex buildings and Google Street Signs

google campus

Android Garden

Android Garden

University Avenue / Lunch Break

30 min for lunch break, lunch is not included

University Avenue

Luckiest Building

Take a selfie in front of the Luckiest Building
(Google, PayPal, Logitech First Headquarter)

Luckiest Building

Facebook First Headquarters

Take a selfie from "The Facebook" original headquarters

University Avenue

Visit the HP Garage from outside

HP Garage

Stanford University

Walk along Stanford University Avenue

Stanford University

Clock Tower

Walk/Visit the Stanford Memorial Church and the Stanford Clock Tower


Shop in Stanford Book Store

Stanford University

Facebook Like Sign

Facebook Like

Talk about Silicon Valley
Startup Culture all during the trip

At the end of the tour, we can drop you at the Computer History Museum or we can return back to our meeting point.
Our Tour
Other Tours

6 Hour

3 Hour

$199/per person

$399/per person or Up

More than 15 Places

Only 3 Places

We tour on weekdays to see more employees and activites on campuses

They usually do tours on weekends.

Our 6-hour tour does not include the Computer History Museum. Instead, at the end of the tour, we deliver you to the museum so you can spend as much time there as you like.

Their 3-hour tour includes a 1-hour campus tour and 2-hour museum tour.

We have tours almost every weekday. Monday through Friday. No need to book 2 weeks in advance.

You need to contact them 2 weeks in advance.

Free cancellation 24 hrs before.

They charge a cancellation fee.

Additional Notes

In many cases, tourists are not allowed to enter the campus buildings and/or walk on campus, although most security guards won't mind if you stop to take a quick photo at one of the main campus signs.

The Google campus in Mountain View seems to have been designed for viral social sharing and we will walk between the buildings.

Apple Park (Spaceship) does not allow us to walk on their new campus. We will see it from Apple Visitor Center balcony.

Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park has a handful of visitor parking spots near the campus entrance. We are not allowed to walk on the main campus, but you are invited to walk out to the main campus sign to take photos.

If you do this trip by yourself with Uber, it cost you more than $250 and you will miss hearing all the insider information.


silicon valley tour quote WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATION This is definitely a kind of inside Silicon Valley tour you are looking for! Pay it and just go there!! stars — Willwin Wang silicon valley tour quote IT WAS AN AMAZING TOUR
I have traveled across the globe over the past several decades. Never have I seen any tour guide with this much in-depth knowledge of the community, landmarks and history as Baha has shown about Silicon Valley during our tour! He is an accomplished story-teller and tour planner. Baha also keen on taking the time to make a personal connection with each person...overall a gentleman. I would strongly recommend this tour of the Valley by Baha to any family member, friend or colleague anytime! stars — Louise

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